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Table Talks

Table Talks is a tableware collection. The concept was born during an event in our studio where people got involved in the process of designing a bisque-fired porcelain cup.

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Circular Collection

Circular Collection is a high quality dinnerware collection made through a circular production process. A unique process in the world of ceramic production.

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Workshop Circular Ceramics

In this (physical) workshop, you learn about the types of ceramics, waste which is part of the production and how to implement different types of waste into your design. You make your own breakfast set for 2, which includes a bowl, plate and cup.

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The socket is often a hidden element in the home or office, as it is universally considered unattractive and ugly. We transformed this idea into something beautiful to look at, Lamp&Socket Collection.

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Spatial Vase

By hanging a vase you involve the ceiling literally to the living room. This creates a more spacious feeling and it makes an interior less static.

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Stokkies are stirring sticks made of porcelain. By changing the material of a regular stirring stick or spoon into fragile porcelain, it makes you more aware of the moment of stirring.

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