Stokkies are stirring sticks made of porcelain. By changing the material of a regular stirring stick or spoon into fragile porcelain, it makes you more aware of the moment of stirring. In a world where we always seem short on time, I wanted to design something for a mindful moment. The Stokkies are fragile and don’t fit a hasty user, but rather encourage to take a moment for yourself, stare into the unknown guided by the sound of the stirring stick tinkling  while sipping your cappucino.

Stokkies are handmade and each one is different, some are thin, some have a spoon-like shape, some are straight, some not. The top part is dipped in glaze which is visible when in use. They are available in 3 sizes, for an espresso, coffee or larger cup size. We make them in 5 plain colors or with a 24 carat gold plated top to give that extra luxury feeling. We select 2 fitting Stokkies by hand and pack them in a small gift box.