Spatial Vase

By hanging a vase you involve the ceiling literally to the living room. This creates a more spacious feeling and it makes an interior less static. The porcelain vase is glazed on the outside in such a way that the surroundings reflects in the vase. As a result, the room and the vase are in a poetic way connected to each other.

In my designs I like to emphasize the feeling of space and how we use the space around us. Involvement of the ceiling literally enlarges the spacious feeling. It also creates a certain play and connection throughout the space itself.  With the Spatial Vase I wanted to create a different perspective on how we perceive the space surrounding us, but also how we look at flowers. Hanging very low above the ground, next to your seat or high above the ground shows us every time a new view on the flowers being displayed. An interesting play with lines is created by the rope attached to the vase. The vase comes in multiple color gradients, all provided with a glossy layer of glaze emphasizing the water inside. The top part is matt porcelain. The inner tube for the rope sticks out, so you see the connection between the outer shape and the system, how it actually works. The vase is carried by a tiny cilinder of porcelain, balancing the vase. The hight can be easily adjusted through the pulley, inviting you to play with it.

“The room and the vase are in a poetic way connected to each other.”