The socket is often a hidden element in the home or office, as it is universally considered unattractive and ugly. We transformed this idea into something beautiful to look at, Lamp&Socket Collection. The pendant lamp and socket are designed to be seen and touched and meet the highest EU standards. They surprise and have an image-defining role within an interior. The Classic collection is only available for standard EU plugs, but soon will be updated to all EU countries. View the Rim Collection here.

The surprising aspect of Lamp&Socket is its completely different approach to something as ordinary as a socket. In a time when flexible living and working is becoming more and more normal, I see a challenging role for me as a designer to provide an answer to that. The Lamp&Socket Collection fully supports this flexible way of living and working.


Lamp&Socket Collection consists out of 2 iconic shape families, the Classic and Rim shape. The Classic shape is elegant yet characteristic, while Rim shape refers to architectural surroundings. Both are made of high quality porcelain and produced with the highest care in the Netherlands. They come in a wide variety of colors and their soft matte surface invites to be touched. The Socket in the Rim Collection is available for all EU countries, as well as USB. The Socket in the Classic shape Collection is yet only available for countries using an ‘F’ type plug (or so called Shuko plug, find more information per country here). The Classic shape will soon be updated to the ‘all EU countries’ as well. Both collections are produced in different colors.

Lamp&Socket Collection meet the highest electrical standards within the EU.
Lamp&Socket are tested and approved by an external examinator and we are proudly CE certified. Together with (interior) architects, designers and lighting consultants we custom design Lamp&Socket sets to meet their unique wishes. Send us your request and we’re happy to show what we can do for your company.


All our products are designed and produced in the Netherlands with the highest care, resulting in less fall-out and waste of resources. All waste occurring, is being re-used for our own design collections, such as the Circular Collection. We constantly try to innovate and we love to challenge ourselves to design for a long-lasting future.