Lamp&Socket Classic Lamp – Coal

The surprising aspect of Lamp&Socket is its completely different approach to something as ordinary as a socket. Both Lamp&Socket are the perfect solution to meet your flexible way of living and/or working.


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Lamp&Socket is a great solution for charging your laptop in home environments or bars/restaurants/offices where it can be difficult to charge your device. They also perfectly fit above kitchen islands and provide both light and flexible use of utilities.

The Classic shape of the Lamp&Socket Collection is elegant yet characteristic. The Classic Socket is only available for ‘F’ type plugs. More information about plug types per country can be found here. Both Lamp and Socket can be ordered separate, so you can define your own set for your living room, office, bar or kitchen.



Lamp&Socket are equipped with 3 meters of electrical cord and 2.5 meters of metal wire. The Lamp comes with an E27 fitting and 6W LED lightbulb, which is dimmable. The Socket comes with a F type outlet. Please check if this suits the plug type in your country, you can find an overview here. If this type doesn’t fit your countries plug, check out our Rim shaped Lamp&Socket, which is suitable for all EU countries and USB as well. All Lamps and Sockets can be adjusted to your wishes.

Please download the installation manual for installation instructions. Installation of Lamp&Socket must always be done by a qualified electrical installer.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 35 cm

Lamp&Socket - Lamp Manual


This manual includes all technical details about the product.