Studio Lotte Douwes is a design studio led by Lotte Douwes and has a strong focus on high-quality ceramic designs and circular production methods. The collections Lotte designs play with the concept of space. Such as Lamp&Socket Collection or Spatial Vase. Studio Lotte Douwes researches and experiments with circular use of raw materials and all sorts of ceramic waste, from which, among other things, the Circular Collection was created.

Lotte’s ceramic journey started early when her mother opened an exclusive shop for dinnerware collections. Both traveled and searched for outstanding collections throughout Europe. Later, when Lotte studied at Design Academy Eindhoven, she started to work with porcelain herself and a true love was born. As well as the studio, founded in 2011 just before she graduated.

“I am driven by a passion to create. With experience in leading (large) complex projects, I enjoy working with different disciplines and in teams. I am passionate about the projects I do and I always try to approach design challenges with an open mind. To stay curious and inventive, I combine research oriented projects with design projects. Doing research and experiment forces me to stay curious and inventive. It is also the perfect way to combine work with travel (which I love) and gain knowledge and exchange ideas with different cultures around the world. The inspiration I take from these travels and experiments I use to design products for my own collection as well as for commissioned work.”

The designs from Studio Lotte Douwes are characterized by simple solutions that approach the world around us from a different perspective. The tactile quality of the design invites you to touch them. Lotte produces most of the designs herself in the workshop in Rotterdam. This gives her the opportunity to fully optimize the production and work in a circular and sustainable way. Larger productions are being outsourced with production houses who have the same sustainable philosophy.

Ceramic waste is valuable for the collections Lotte designs. The knowledge she gained throughout the years makes it possible to work with all sorts or ceramic waste, such as raw, bisque and high fired shards as well as the different types of material (porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, glaze). Being educated a designer helps to involve the production process into a design, which is valuable for her own collection as well as the commissioned designs. “Through my designs I wish to inspire others and show new perspectives on the beautiful world surrounding us”.

Do you wish to collaborate with Lotte or need a business inquiry? Please get in touch with the studio by sending an email.