Kitchen Levels

Cooking and eating belong together. Cooking is increasingly becoming a social event. This is reflected in the Kitchen Levels project by Lotte Douwes. It is a table at two levels where cooking and dining come together. ‘I made this table because I think it is strange that you would install a brand new kitchen and then not be able to take it with you when you move. Flexibility is very important and when a kitchen is part of a living room, it should contain domestic qualities’. ‘Dress’ your kitchen like you do in your living room. Look for a nice cabinet, a beautiful sink and search for a nice element for your spices.

To ensure flexibility in the space, the electricity comes from the ceiling. It is not only for the induction cooker but also for the lamps and sockets that group together to form the ‘chandelier’ above the work surface and dining table.

Kitchen Levels is made of steel and bamboo. The table has a total length of almost 4 meter. The porcelain lampshades and socketshades are also designed and realized by Lotte.