Here/Now exhibition

In this exhibition, we question ourselves as designers, producers, thinkers, doers and as world citizens – where do we want to be and how do we get there?

As designers we are eager to solve problems. We are aware of what surrounds us and strive to push the boundaries that will bring us closer to a world of our own making. To achieve this goal we must sometimes let go of the logical path in order to clear the way for new perspectives. The solutions we create are informed by the observation of our surroundings, the people we work with, and an understanding of the resources we design for. We are Dutch designers and look at the world from a down-to-earth perspective. We respect, but also rethink and reimagine what is already here. We embrace the differences that bring us together, offering beauty in the uncommon and unexpected.

To build our world we search, we try, we do, we make. We are here, now. Join us!


Commissioned by // Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Austria
Curated by // Studio Lotte Douwes in collaboration with Dries van Wagenberg
Exhibition design // Hofmeijer Dekker Ontwerpers
In cooperation with // Creative Industries Styria
Part of the program of // Designmonat Graz