De Dagkant als Ruimte

‘De dagkant als ruimte’ is one of my graduation projects. It is not indoors and not outdoors. A place of security, a place of one’s own. Made of wood as soft as velvet and a construction sturdy enough for people to sit in it. In The Space of the Window Reveal, Lotte Douwes makes the most of the window frame to create a new space. It is a place to sit and can also function as a table. She wanted to make an element that deals with the in-between, unlike the usual division between interior and exterior so common in many homes.

‘De dagkant als ruimte’ uses the existing thickness of the facade, isolation and inner wall plus the space a windowsill takes in (about 80 cm in total). When you change your regular window into ‘De dagkant als ruimte’, you’re able to enlarge your living space, without radical rebuilding. Lotte tried to design a simple solution for better living qualities, without huge costs or changes to the existing space.

We’re looking for a production partner to develop the prototype into a product. If you are interested in sparring with us about the possibilities, please contact us.