Carved series

During my work period in China, I was inspired by the many tiny slim plants everywhere. They look like tiny gardens, with plastic bottles functioning as plant pots. They were comforting in a concrete environment. The plants reminded me from warriors, although they were tiny, they were straight and powerful.


I used the plants as inspiration for a very traditional technique, carving porcelain. I like the fact that each plate or vase is unique, just like the inspiration source: nature. The production techniques is in huge contrast with the traditional craft. The base of the products I used is made in factories, where every item must look exactly like the other. Ceramics are very traditional and we still need a lot of handwork even in a big production scale. But we completely loose the feeling of the craftsmanship which comes with the production. Carving is a long tradition in China and is always done following the ‘rules’ for carving. The images they carve are inspired by Chinese nature, but in a traditional way, already for thousands of years. I used the tradition as inspiration, but translated into my own view of the technique and images. The plates and vases I made are new in the collection and can be made on request. For more information, contact me at