Crowdfunding was successful, so are the first results..

The crowdfunding for my project Shadows of Light is successfully funded at Voordekunst. Big thanks to all the contributors for their support! Last month I went to China for a residency to start up my research. Shadows of light is about researching transparency in clay. The purest white kaolin is less available due to heavy industry. I wanted to dive into recycling methods to re-use waste porcelain material and bring it into the production (slibcast) again. I made many samples and some of them have promising results. I was able to use a standard (grey) porcelain clay, and made it almost as white as ‘super white’, translucent and more shiny on the surface. I also made tests with different colors to create interesting patterns in translucent clay.

The challenge for now lies in developing a recipe with a stable result. This is by far the most easiest to develop in Jingdezhen, close to the source of piles of waste, but also close to all the techniques and possibilities of the porcelain city in the world.

The results of Shadows of Light will be presented during Dutch Design Week, October 21-29. The results of the new collections I designed will be exhibited in a separate exhibition.

You can follow my project at or if you’re interested in a press kit, please contact me: For inspiring pictures from China, please take a look at my Instagram account: studiolottedouwes